A little more about me

My name is Sam Goddard, I'm a 30 year old Web Developer based in Nottingham city centre. I'm currently employed as a full-time developer at Kind, where I help build and maintain scaleable front-end systems for socially responsible organisations.

I started my career at the University of Lincoln, where I graduated in September 2009 with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Multimedia Technology. From an early age I was fascinated with computers, video games and technology, this course helped nurture that interest into a passion for web design and development. I spent time outside my lectures building MySpace and Geocities profiles, with my final dissertation documenting a WordPress build for an artist management agency.

I was lucky enough to gain a job straight out of university at a then small digital agency Adtrak. The role was primarily an online marketing position, but incorporated template updates in Adobe Dreamweaver which had me keen to learn more. I was promoted to a web designer role after a year, which threw me in at the deep end of both design and front-end development.

Baps Day at Adtrak
The gang chilling after a long BAPS day

After six years at Adtrak and multiple job role changes, I decided it was time to move on and further my career elsewhere. Adtrak will always have a special place in my heart, I met some lifelong friends there and have people like Dan Farrow and Andy Morley to thank for where I am in my career now. Adtrak now have over 120 employees and venturing into the global market, they offer some great paths into the industry and have the most awesome bunch of employees I've had the pleasure of working with.

Adtrak Brownies
The now legendary Adtrak brownies
Adtrak Leaving Present
My awesome leaving present from the Adtrak squad
Sam as a parrot
Me coding a site as a parrot… obviously

Making waves with Impression

In March 2015, I secured a job at a local agency startup Impression. Impression were making waves in the industry at the time with the solid work they were putting out and I was stoked to start leading their front-end with the interesting clientbase they had already begun to build up. I worked closely alongside a small team of marketers, designers, and their developers James H-Hall and Aaron Dicks, who were instrumental in helping me learn the Wordpress ropes.

This role helped to nurture my interest for modular, scaleable front-end systems. Working within a smaller team enabled me to have control of the front-end handover process, which had me constantly looking for methods to improve it. I also got to work with some well known names, including Plumen, who I helped launch a new ecommerce website, my first venture into Shopify.

Impression are continuing to grow and develop - moving to a larger office with an even larger beer fridge. After almost two years with the team, I decided to look elsewhere for my next challenge, although still get a regular invite to Rock City or bowling with the Impression gang.

Edd in a suit playing ping pong
Beating Edd in a suit at Impressions first office
Impression Goons meetup
Meeting of minds between Sam, Georgia and James
Impression gang pre Rock City
The gang, most likely pre Rock City

Being Kind

In 2017 I joined Mat, Tom and Georgia at Kind, a small digital agency based in Nottingham's Lace Market. Kind offer strategic thinking & digital delivery for socially responsible brands, primarily the arts and education sector. Kind have worked with a plethora of high profile organisations including Sheffield Hallam University, Nottingham Trent University, Henley Business School, OWSLA and The Open Data Institute.

My role encompasses all aspects of modern front-end development, with the small team making access to bleeding-edge technologies, and modern methodologies possible. Kind are a Craft CMS partner, meaning the majority of my work is done with their incredible Content Management System. Coming from a Wordpress background, Craft and it's Twig-based templating framework really re-ignited my love for development.

Outside of their development role, Kind do as much as they can to be eco-friendly and contribute towards sustainability focused causes. Last year, we took a bunch of steps in an attempt to become more green, create positive impacts, and helped Surfers Against Sewage clean up Newborough beach.

Picture of Sam holding a nice pooch
Sian from Surfers Against Sewage and the gang before we learnt how to paddle board
Picture of Sam holding a nice pooch
Hard day at the office
Sam and Love birds
Me on the beach, so edgey

I use a range of Open Source tools at Kind and enjoy contributing to OS as much as possible. My role allows time for this monthly and I've been working on the core maintainer team at Fractal for the past year or so. We use Fractal on almost every project at Kind, so it feels really good to give time back to the team that built this awesome tool. I published my first large OS update to the Fractal org a few months ago with the migration of the current documentation site to VuePress.

Picture of Sam holding a nice pooch
Kind's newest developer, Fred
Picture of Kind Standup
Jacko helping with the daily standup

Outside of work

Outside of work, I like to keep up with anything dev related that's not necessarily part of my day-to-day job, like building this site in Nuxt. I am in the process of volunteering for a local Code Club, a programme run by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and registered UK charity that provides children with the opportunity to learn to code through after school clubs. I'm a Nottingham Forest season ticket holder and have been on and off since I was a kid. I'm really into music, I have a host of questionable playlists on my public Spotify..

I've loved video games since I got a SEGA Megadrive for Christmas as a kid and would love to one day work in the gaming industry. I peaked at top 5% EUW in Season 5 of League, not bad for a washed up 30 year old. Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina of Time and Red Alert 2 are my favourite games of all time. I'm currently playing Apex Legends and Celeste again.

Picture of Sam and Hol with some llamas
Hol and I with our new best mates

I absolutely love animals and can usually be found hanging out with my girlfriend’s labradors Win and Nel at the weekends. As a kid I had a budgie called Sky who was the fucking best. The film Paulie makes me cry and scarred me for life. I also had a guinea pig called Mr Hahn. When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet or a zookeeper...I guess web developer will do. I would like to volunteer at a local animal shelter when I have some more free time on my hands.

Picture of Sam and Win
Win helping me squash some bugs
Sam and Love birds
Me with some awesome love birds

If you want to work together or discuss how we can somehow research the ability of infinite life and give it exclusively to dogs, feel free to connect with me online.