I'm currently hard at work on mostly the following stuff

Modular front-end development at Kind

I'm responsible for front-end standards at Kind where I build and maintain mostly Craft CMS or VueJs based websites. I am currently in the process of integrating tailwindCSS into our Nanobox based front end boilerplate, working with Sheffield Hallam University's Sitecore team to deliver a design system overhaul, and building the brand new Kind website.


Docs maintenance & core team at Fractal

I recently updated Fractal's documentation site to Vuepress. VueJs is the JavaScript framework of choice at Kind and this open source project was a good opportunity to learn the ropes of VuePress, a super powerful Vue and MarkDown based static site generator specifically tailored towards doc sites. I'm now working on the core maintainer team and offering feedback for their new direction with Fractalite


Fully learning Tailwind CSS

I've been hesitantly poking around with Tailwind for a few months, but the past few projects that I've built exclusively with it have completely removed that hesitation. We were in the process of creating our own utility based framework, however, this may be our go to moving forward. I really love the composability, flexability and speed this framework gives you and am currently using it as much as possible to learn their million and one class names.


Figuring out the JAMStack

I really can't get enough of this shit at the moment, I've been hammering frameworks like Gatsby, Nuxt, VuePress, Gridsome for the past few months. I've deployed a few production ready websites for absolutely free on Netlify. The serverless model is something that's super intriguing to me as a primarily front-end developer who never really got into back-end. This website is built on Nuxt and hosted on Github / Netlify for completely free! I plan on getting a simple headless CMS running on it without the necessary server bloat that would usually come with something of that calibre.


Some site's i've worked on